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Excavation and Backfill

MASS Excavation & Demolition is equipped to meet all your excavation and backfilling requirements, whether it's a downtown condo with multiple levels of underground parking or a suburban high school. With our expertise and cutting-edge equipment, we ensure timely and budget-friendly completion of every project.


MASS Excavation & Demolition excels in full structural demolition and the systematic removal of buildings, employing pre-planned, safe, and coordinated methods. Whether demolishing an entire structure or a specific section of a building, we guarantee minimal impact on neighboring properties. Additionally, our expertise extends to the safe removal of hazardous materials before demolition, if necessary.


Site Services

MASS Excavation & Demolition offers new site services such as required installations for water, sanitary and storm lines on both private and public properties along with septic installation in rural areas. We also offer blanking and culvert installation when required.


Site Development

MASS Excavation & Demolition will remove all organic material for new construction by clearing, grubbing, and removing topsoil. Depending on the project requirements, we will install a silt fence, silt sacs, check dams, mud mats and all other soil erosion control measures. If the site balance is a concern, we will cut and fill the site along with building roadways and stone pads for future use.

Heavy Equipment & Truck Rental

MASS Excavation & Demolition provides customers with the option to rent a variety of equipment, including triaxle dump trucks, backhoes, excavators, and skid steers. For your convenience, a qualified driver or operator will be supplied to operate the equipment during the rental period.

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